From Design to Product
    Manual Assembly & Packaging
    Casting & Cold Heading
    Sheet Metal Parts
    Screw Machine Parts
    Molded Parts
    Injection Molds
     SonikS, LLC was founded to provide customers with exceptional services in Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, and Packaging of mechanical, electro-mechanical, plastic components and consumer products.

     We have over 30 years of combined experience in R&D, Product Design, Mold Design and Manufacturing. We have designed product and molds for companies like P&G, Avery Dennison, Motorola, Boston Scientific, US Surgical, BiC and many others.

     SonikS, LLC has established a broad base of domestic and overseas vendors and suppliers capable of producing and maintaining high quality production according to our design and specifications.

     Do you have an existing product or R&D project, which isnít big enough to be automated, but not small enough to be able to do it yourself?
SonikS, LLC can do it overseas.

     Does your marketing department have a great idea, but not have an Engineering staff to get it done?
SonikS, LLC has the talent to do it.

     Does your product need to be simplified or enhanced utilizing latest and advanced tooling techniques?
SonikS, LLC has the experience to get it done.

     Do you have price reduction strategies you would like to implement by outsourcing your manufacturing?
SonikS, LLC will manage it for you.

Let SonikS, LLC be an extension of your Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing or Production department.

We will provide simple solutions to your complex problems.

Let SonikS, LLC be successful in bringing success to our business.

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